About the association


Our small group of people from Germany has been knowing Dennis Nowak for a long time. Some of us knew him, when he was an MLM star, others got to know him at a later point of time. We trusted him, our trust was expressed by following his advice and investing money into his proposed schemes. However, we found out that Dennis was misleading many people and we suspect that he actually stole a lot money through dubious transactions in crypto markets in the ”grey zone” or using completely illegal crypto markets as well. 

And so, we were forced to estabish an Association in order to find and identify all possible victims during the long carreer of Dennis Nowak. So, please, join us and let’s find these victims together and let’s find, how many more victims there are and how much money disappeared during the years. Also, let’s get back our money from him until he wastes all of it. 

There are successful examples from the past that crooks got into prison and victims were able to get back at least part of their money. So, let’s not give up, let’s work and fight together.


Please, write us your story here or in the Contact us section.

What happened?

Dennis Nowak is now under Swiss police investigation for money laundering and he is hiding in the Caribbeans, in places without extradition convention woth Germany and Switzerland. The Swiss Financial Telegram reported first on the Solothurm Prosecutors’ investigation against him and several other persons. 

It is not the first case, In 2004 the court sentenced him to a fine for „tax evasion”. He is also suspected to a major crypto-currency fraud as well. 

He was managing the anonymous Blockchain Finanzmarkt Community (Win mit Xin), where the founding members invested $50 000 and then, together with 29 000 additional investors, have owened Dennis Nowak’s $ 9 billion digital XIN for more than a year, which can only be redeemed on the illegal Polish Cryptocurrency market and in the Community. He was involved in two other dubious systems as well, the My Crypto World and WGC (We Go Crypto). The Solothurn police have instituted investigations also against Norbert Schmid, Stefan Kneller, Michael Schaupp, Eva Maria Spanlang and Cornelia Gasser.

Dennis Nowak was recently known to live in Mallorca with his partner Agnieska Mannshardt in a large villa, but moved to an unknown place iin the summer of 2019. It seems to be that this place is the island of Curcacao. There is no information yet, whether his offshore company in Malta is under investigation or not. (Rockstargroup Ltd. was founded in 2016). 

Dennis convinced many people to be part of the Crypto scheme, we are looking for all of them and anybody elso, who was tricked by him in any manner during his carreer.


Please, write us your story here or in the Contact us section.